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Jednorazowe artykuły do depilacji

In our assortment you will find products for beauty salons useful during hair removal treatments. We offer both the accessories necessary to perform such a treatment, as well as products that increase the customer's comfort during its epilation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

Depilatory articles

At Paper & Nonwoven, we provide access to a wide range of epilation strips. You can find articles adapted to the removal of hair from the face and sensitive areas. We offer strips of various weights, sizes and materials used in production - you can choose from interlining and cotton accessories. The assortment also included wooden spatulas for applying wax. These are available in maxi, medium and mini versions. One package contains 100 sticks.

Disposable clothing

Products intended for beauty salon customers include disposable clothes and accessories, such as non-woven kimono with ties at the waist, men's shorts, and underwear. Clothing items are available in many sizes, and are sold in packages of 50 or 100 pieces.