Be safe, take care of yourself, your loved ones or your clients by choosing from a wide range of disinfectants, gloves or masks.
Thanks to our products, you will meet safety and security standards.


A wide range of products that will work both in beauty salons, spas or hairdressing salons, as well as during home care.
In one place you will find everything you need to increase comfort, safety and satisfaction with performed treatments.


Basic items of equipment for a beauty salon, hairdresser, massage salon or Spa.
They will ensure hygienic conditions during treatments, as well as increase the safety and comfort of work.


Original, high-quality products of the PANW LINAWELL, NATURLINE and PROTECTLINE lines.
We have created them for everyone who values high quality and unique design.

Cosmetics and hygiene products - producer

Comfortable single-use clothing, absorbent towelstreatment scarves - cosmetic wholesaler Paper & Nonwoven is a place where you will comprehensively stock up on accessories for beauty salons, hairdressing salons and SPA points. Disposable hygiene items are our specialty. As a manufacturer, we provide access to products made of various materials - durable non-woven fabric, impermeable foil and natural cotton.

We also offer the service of making our accessories on an individual order, and before the purchase, we will be happy to send the products for testing - please contact our wholesaler for this purpose. When manufacturing cosmetic and hygienic accessories, we focus on quality and aesthetics. We design them, constantly improve production processes, and we sew our products in Poland.

A manufacturer of biodegradable hygiene products

Nonwoven, we are aware of the specificity of the operation of beauty salons and the role of proper hygiene in such places. At the same time, we see the amount of waste generated by the use of disposable products. In response to the growing ecological awareness, we have introduced a series of Naturline accessories to the offer of our warehouse. These include towels, compresses and surgical scarves made of cotton fibers, which decompose into biomass within several dozen days after use. As a manufacturer of cosmetic products, we provide access to a wide range of ecological products, while promoting their use in ghairdressing salons.SPA points and beauty salons.