Non-woven backings

We produce durable and soft-to-touch non-woven underlays. The rollers have perforation which makes them comfortable and easy to use. The products are characterized by different lengths and widths, so everyone can choose the right size. We offer smooth and subtly embossed undercoats. A wide range of colors allows you to match the color of the material to the interior design of the room. The multitude of sizes and thicknesses means that you will surely find something for yourself.

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Nonwoven bedsheets on roll

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They are the basis for the equipment of aesthetic medicine clinics, Spas and doctors' offices. Indispensable for full

body massages and facial cosmetic treatments.

Underlays made of good quality non-woven fabric with a high gram mage of the material guaranteeing satisfaction with use.

There are 50 meters of material on a roll.

Roll widths 50/60/70/80/90/100 centimeters.