Artykuły dla salonów tatuażu

Our online wholesale store offers many disposable articles intended for tattoo parlors. You can buy biodegradable surgical scarves in three different sizes: 20x30 cm, 44x50 cm and 88x50 cm. Ecological cotton fiber products also include small 18x16.5 cm compresses, which can replace cosmetic pads during treatments.

Other disposable tattoo parlor supplies from Paper & Nonwoven include waterproof non-woven and foil backings for the treatment chair. Available in many sizes and colors, they come in 50 m rolls. They are wound with 80 pieces of the product, which can be easily torn off.

Keeping clean

Our warehouse also includes disinfection kits. Depending on the selected option, such a set includes bottles of antibacterial gel, a packaging of nitrile gloves, as well as a liquid for cleaning surfaces and articles based on 65% alcohol. In tattoo parlors, you can also use antibacterial soap for washing hands and the whole body.

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