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Two-layer cellulose towel, 240m roll

Price 40.00
Availability: 98 In Stock

The towel is glued from two layers of cellulose. Non-dusting and highly absorptive (preparations and soiling). Essential for work at beauty and hairdressing salons, for hand or feet drying after treatment. Also suitable for hair drying in hairdressing salons.

Surface density: 2 x 19g


HEART non-woven towel

Price 42.00
Availability: 100 In Stock

Non-woven towel shaped into hearts.

Made from soft and very pleasant raw material.

Available sizes:

MAXI 50cm x 70cm

MIDI 40cm x 70cm


Available packaging: 50 and 100 pieces

wytrzymały, rozciągliwychłonie wodęspecjalne wytłoczenie


AIRLAID MS folded towel

Price 39.00
Availability: 50 In Stock

Perfect disposable towel made from thick, strengthened cellulose.

Recommended mainly during manicure and pedicure treatments.


Available sizes:


Packed in 50 or 100 pieces.

Quick water absorption, does not produce dust and is very gentle.