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Category: PODOLOGY

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Artykuły dla salonów podologicznych

In this category you will find products that will be used in podiatry offices as well as during pedicure treatments performed in beauty salons. We offer disposable clothing and items, such as non-woven towels, foil aprons for employees, protective cloaks for customers and a range of devices for cosmetic treatments for feet and nails.

Articles and podiatry accessories for pedicures

At the Paper & Nonwoven cosmetics warehouse, you can find, for example, foil socks in universal sizes, which are used when applying rich care products to the feet. We also offer a selection of pedicure devices, including files and polishers that give the nails the right shape. These are simple accessories, in the form of a crescent and a banana, as well as polishing blocks and polishing blocks. You can choose between slim and standard variants, with gradations 100/180 and 180/240. During the pedicure, abrasive caps and rubber caps will also be useful. Plastic bags can be used to protect the bowls used during the treatment.