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Medical cellulose pad, roll

Price 20.00
Availability: 77 In Stock

Pads made from cellulose. Available widths: 50, 60 and 70cm. Each roll is perforated and consists of two paper layers. The sheets feature an aesthetic and delicate embossing.

Headrest cover with opening, 100 pieces

Price 30.00
Availability: 200 In Stock

Disposable non-woven cover for a massage table headrest, made from a soft, delicate and mellow non-woven fabric. Non-woven covers help maintain hygiene during treatment and protect upholstery against harmful effects of oils or sweat. They also improve the customer’s comfort.

Use: protective covers for headrests of tables in massage parlours, rehabilitation parlours, doctor’s offices and beauty salons, etc.

Packaging: 100 pieces


Nonwoven bedsheets on roll

Price 38.00
Availability: 98 In Stock

They are the basis for the equipment of aesthetic medicine clinics, Spas and doctors' offices. Indispensable for full

body massages and facial cosmetic treatments.

Underlays made of good quality non-woven fabric with a high gram mage of the material guaranteeing satisfaction with use.

There are 50 meters of material on a roll.

Roll widths 50/60/70/80/90/100 centimeters.