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Colourless hairdressing cape, 50 pieces

Price 24.00
Availability: 194 In Stock

Colourless film capes are used mainly in hairdressing salons during hair colouring. They effectively prevent soiling of clothing for both customers and hairdressers.

Size: 90cm x 13cm

Packaged in a film bag, 50 pieces each.

Hairdressing collars, 5 rolls

Price 19.00
Availability: 98 In Stock

Hairdressing collars prevent soiling for hairdressing salon customers and protect against skin irritation during hair cutting.

The convenient roll facilitates the product’s use during work.

The packaging includes 5 rolls.


HEART non-woven towel

Price 42.00
Availability: 100 In Stock

Non-woven towel shaped into hearts.

Made from soft and very pleasant raw material.

Available sizes:

MAXI 50cm x 70cm

MIDI 40cm x 70cm


Available packaging: 50 and 100 pieces

wytrzymały, rozciągliwychłonie wodęspecjalne wytłoczenie