Jednorazowe artykuły dla salonów kosmetycznych, SPA

In beauty salons, many beauty treatments are performed, during which disposable items are indispensable. We are aware, however, that such a procedure leads to the generation of a large amount of waste. For this reason, at Paper & Nonwoven, we especially recommend you Naturline cosmetics for SPA salons. These are disposable cotton fiber products that are fully compostable. Towels, compresses and scarves for cosmetic treatments are also accessories that are soft to the touch and very absorbent. Used up, they can be disposed of in a bio-waste container.

Pads for armchairs and protective capes for SPA rooms

In order to ensure the comfort of both customers and employees, the equipment of SPA salons should also include such articles as underlays and sheets for armchairs and treatment beds - in our range they are available in cellulose, non-woven and non-woven versions. Protection of the clothes of employees and clients of beauty salons will be ensured by special disposable capes. The offer also includes gauze and foil masks, necessary when applying nourishing preparations to the skin.

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Non-woven make-up cape, 20 pieces

Price 20.00
Availability: 16 In Stock

Non-woven capes for modelling and make-up, 20 pieces

Disposable capes made from high-quality non-woven fabric, thereby making them resistant to tearing when pulled hard. They work great not only during hair modelling but also when putting on make-up. Equipped with straps.


Medical cellulose pad, roll

Price 20.00
Availability: 77 In Stock

Pads made from cellulose. Available widths: 50, 60 and 70cm. Each roll is perforated and consists of two paper layers. The sheets feature an aesthetic and delicate embossing.


Naturline treatment tissue from natural cotton...

Regular price zł13.00 Price 11.70 -10%
Availability: 78 In Stock

Compostable tissue from natural cotton fibres. Will work perfectly in every-day treatment. Absorbs preparations very well, is very gentle, does not cause irritation. Cosmetic cotton tissue in three sizes:

20cm x 30cm

44cm x 50cm

88cm x 50cm

Quantity: 20, 40 and 100 pieces

Colourless hairdressing cape, 50 pieces

Price 24.00
Availability: 194 In Stock

Colourless film capes are used mainly in hairdressing salons during hair colouring. They effectively prevent soiling of clothing for both customers and hairdressers.

Size: 90cm x 13cm

Packaged in a film bag, 50 pieces each.


WAVE Airlaid sheet, roll

Price 34.00
Availability: 21 In Stock

Sheet made from thick cellulose.

It features a wave embossing.

Available widths: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm

Roll length: 50 metres

Perforation at 44cm (+/- 5cm) intervals.