Jednorazowe artykuły dla salonów fryzjerskich

Paper & Nonwoven cosmetics wholesale is a place where you can buy  hairdressing supplies necessary for cutting and coloring your hair. Disposable products help in maintaining hygiene, proper performance of the treatment and providing comfort to the customers of the salons.

Protection during shearing

Our assortment includes articles that protect the clothes and skin of customers during hair cutting and styling. We offer, among others, non-woven capes and special tear-off collars. When drying your hair, towels made of cotton fibers are great for absorbing water. They are available in many sizes, in rolls of 50 m and in packages of 50 or 100 pieces of the product.

Coloring treatments

The items needed when applying the coloring products are nitrile gloves, which protect the worker's skin from stains from cosmetics. When applying the highlights, you will need a hairdressing foil - in our assortment it is available in rolls of 100 or 250 meters. Hairdresser's cotton wool may also be useful during coloring.

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