Artykuły dla gabinetów masażu i fizjoterapii

In the Paper & Nonwoven online warehouse you can find products that will help in maintaining hygienic conditions in massage and physiotherapy rooms. A significant part of our offer are sleepers and sheets for beds, couches and treatment chairs. These products are made of materials with various properties. Non-woven underlays are durable products that are impermeable to water! Recommended for wet treatments or when using oils. Cellulose sheets, in turn, are highly absorbent products. Foiled underlays show similar features - these are distinguished by two layers of tissue paper reinforced with a waterproof foil.

Equipment for massage and physiotherapy rooms - many options to choose from

The undercoats and sheets from our warehouse come in many color variants, so you can match them to the interior of the office. They are sold in packages and in rolls. You can choose between the equipment in a wide range of sizes, including 51x50 cm, 60x190 cm, 80x190 cm and 100x200 cm, among others.

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