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MINI wooden spatulas, 100 pieces

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Size: 9.4cm x 1cm

Wooden spatula for applying wax during epilation. Made from natural wood. Round edges, regular shape. They are rigid, smooth and durable.

The spatulas are odourless and tasteless.

Film gloves, 100 pieces

Price 9.00
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Disposable, transparent, film gloves.

Essential during paraffin treatments in cosmetology.

Most commonly used in industry and food business. They provide protection against soiling and moisture. Packaged with tear-off tabs, can be hung, thereby facilitating use.


Three-layer coloured non-woven mask, 50 pieces

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Durable, three-layer protective mask with a convenient rubber band. No delamination or tearing. The mask is breathable and its special insert enables it to adapt to the shape of your face and adhere well. Effective protection against dust for manicurists and pedicurists.

Packaged in a cardboard box, 50 pieces each.

Foam flip-flops, 10 pairs

Price 12.00
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Disposable pedicure flip-flops - packaging includes 10 pairs. Made from foam, used in professional cosmetology, Spa centres, tanning salons or hotels. Perfect for pedicure treatments. Made from delicate foam. They provide comfort to customers seeking beauty treatments and allow movement after treatment. Mellow flip-flops. They ensure high wearing comfort. The slippers are disposable. Available in a universal size.


Non-woven nail swabs, 400 pieces

Price 11.00
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Non-woven nail swabs.

The packaging includes 400 swabs.

Non-dusting and perfect for cleaning nail plates.

Alternative solution for cellulose swabs.

Great at absorbing the substance and maintaining moisture.

Size: 4cm x 6cm

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Jednorazowe nitrylowe rękawiczki ochronne. Wytrzymałe i odporne na uszkodzenia mechaniczne. Skutecznie chronią skórę przed chemikaliami, mają właściwości antyalergiczne. Wykorzystywane przy pracy w służbie zdrowia, w laboratoriach i instytucjach badawczych. Spełniają normę EN-455. Rękawiczki bezpudrowe, dostępne w czterech rozmiarach. Zapewniają najlepszą barierę ochronną przed mikroorganizmami.

Cosmetic pads

Price 18.00
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250g packaging - approx. 560 pieces

500g packaging - approx. 1,120 pieces

Oval and square 500g - approx. 560 pieces

Coloured non-woven caps, 100 pieces

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CLIP non-woven cap, 100 pieces in packaging. Made from a rigid coloured non-woven fabric. Available colours: pink and red.

CLIP non-woven cap, 100 pieces. Made from a rigid coloured non-woven fabric. Strong rubber band protects the hair against soiling or drenching. Also used in the food industry to minimise the risk of hair contamination during production.

Cosmetic cotton pads NATURAL 500g

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Cosmetic pads made from cotton. Extremely thick and durable, and the material does not split. Cosmetic pads do not leave fibres or dust. Aside from being very durable, the pads are extremely delicate, soft and unbleached. They are cream-coloured. They are perfect for accurate and effective removal of face, neck and neckline make-up. The pads can be used in beauty salons and in households. The packaging weighs 0.5kg and features approx. 1,100 pads.