Body wrapping foil

Flexible and very stretchy stretch foil used during cosmetic and SPA treatments. Foil intended for body wrapping, thermo-aromatherapy, allowing you to keep heat longer, thanks to which the modeling and anti-cellulite treatment is more efficient, effective and effective. Wrapping a selected part of the body after applying a suitable cosmetic preparation causes deep penetration of active substances and an additional increase in pressure in the intercellular space.

The foil is stretchy and adhesive, it works great for wrapping the whole body, it can also be used for treatments in capsules, e.g. Termo, Fit, etc.

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Body Wrap, roll

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Film intended for body wrapping, heat aromatherapy, preserves heat, thereby making a modelling and anti-cellulite treatment more efficient and effective.
The film is stretchable and adhesive, and works great for wrapping any body part. It can also be used in capsule treatment, e.g. Termo, Fit, etc.

Roll width: 30/45cm

Length: 300m

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Heat aromatherapy film used in body wrap treatments. It enables heat retention and makes the active substances used during treatment to work more efficiently and penetrate the skin deeper. Additionally, it protects the table during treatment. The packaging includes 20 sheets (160cm x 200cm).